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Sweets of Japan

Taste Authentic and Traditional Japan at Your Home

A box full of traditional Japanese sweets ”Wagashi” and healthy “Matcha”.

Try our hand-curated Japanese sweets box at your home and experience the real traditional Japan.


Ship in 2-5 business days from Japan  to worldwide.

Free Shipping for Wagashi box.

what's inside of mochi box
what's inside of anko box

Japanese sweets, Wagashi are arty and healthy.

Contain less sugar and preservatives.

Most are made of healthy plant ingredients.

Created to match Japanese traditional healthy “Matcha”.


Matcha is finely ground powder made of natural green tea leaves.

Traditionally consumed in Japan unsweetened.

Good Matcha has nice vegetal, bitter taste and noble aroma.

Proven to have multiple health and dietary effects.

What's your favorite?

Choose Your Box

You can choose your favorite box from our real traditional Japanese Wagashi box.

Try it and you will like it.

Did you know?


matcha green tea powder and whisk

What is Matcha? Basics of matcha green tea from Japanese people

Matcha popularity has been growing at a fast pace all over the world. When I travel overseas to see my friends they often ask me to bring some real Japanese Matcha for them!

But, how much do you really know about Matcha? Allow me to tell you few basic things about Matcha that you may find useful! φ(・ω・ )

how they like it

We love Japanese Sweets and getting a box of traditional Japanese Matcha and Wagashi to your door is just amazing.

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Welcome to Japan

Learn More about Japan

Japanese traditional sweets, Wagashi is very unique and nothing like others. See the posts and learn Wagashi. You will love background stories of Wagashi!