What is Monaka? Crispy Japanese traditional sweets

What is Monaka? Crispy Japanese traditional sweets

Monaka, or bean‐jam‐filled wafers, are Japanese traditional sweets that combine delicate sweetness and a sense of comfort that both the young and the old enjoy. There are many long-established specialty shops selling Monaka with original ideas.(・∀・)


What is Monaka?

Monaka is Japanese traditional sweets that have bean jam sandwiched with two thin Mochi wafers. You can enjoy the taste of smooth bean jam directly, fittingly accompanied by the fragrance of roasted wafers and their crispy mouth feel.



*Wafers of Moanaka are similar to ice cream cone, but ingredients are different. Wafers of Monaka are made from Mochi rice, while ice cream cone is typically made of a corn flour. Hence, flavors and textures are a bit different.

Typical fillings for Monaka are Anko, sweet red bean paste, however there are Monakas that include Mochi or chestnut to give it a nice and different accent.

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Fresh Monaka is the best! Then, want to try make-you-own Monaka?

Wafers used in Monaka are prone to damping, so after a while, their crispy mouth-feel will be gone. Therefore, if you are taking Monaka home as souvenirs from Japan, I recommend “make-your-own” Monaka. The bean jelly is packaged separately from the wafers, so you can serve yourself a fresh and crispy Monaka right before you eat it.

Enjoy freshly made Monaka!



Find cute Monaka!

The typical shape of Monaka is rectangle or circle, however, you can find many cute and non-ordinary shapes of Monaka these days. Some express season, and some express lucky charm. Let me show you some cute Monakas!


Whale Monaka


Cat Monaka


Ninja Monaka


Daruma (a traditional Japanese tumbler doll) Monaka


Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)

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