What is Dorayaki? From classic Dorayaki to unique modern Dorayaki

What is Dorayaki? From classic Dorayaki to unique modern Dorayaki

Dorayaki is a very popular Japanese sweet that you can buy almost anywhere in Japan, includeing places such as grocery stores and convenience stores.

Let’s learn few basic facts about Dorayaki!(´ー*`)


What is Dorayaki?

Dorayaki is Japanese sweets which consists of two circular pancake-like dough wrapped around a filling of Anko, sweet red bean paste. The dough has a fluffy, soft, sponge-like texture. It is Japanese classic sweet that is widely enjoyed from kids to the elderly for snack time.

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Dorayaki is is a simple snack, however Japanese confectionery makers study and experiment with its ingredients for a long time to achieve a perfect taste balance and find out new and exciting combinations. In particular, they experiment with thickness and the softness of the pancake dough and sweetness of the Anko, red bean paste. I recommend you to try different types and find your favorite Dorayaki!


Classic Dorayaki

The “an” in “Anko” originally meant “filling of a food” in Chinese. It is believed to be introduced to Japan in the 14th century, when manju buns filled with “an” arrived in Japan from China.

Classic Dorayaki is one that has Tsubuan as filling, which is chunky red bean paste.

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There is also Mochi Dorayaki, which has Mochi inside as a filling together with red bean paste. Mochi gives a good accent of texture to it.


Chestnut Dorayaki has chestnuts inside and often be eaten in autumn when chestnut is in season in Japan.


Unique Dorayaki

In addition to some classic Dorayaki, there are unique and creative modern types of Dorayaki too.

Soda Pop Dorayaki: has vivid blue colored Anko together with whipped cream. The blue Anko taste like Japanese soda pop called Ramune, which surprisingly match well with fluffy pancakes and cream!

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Pudding Dorayaki: has a whole pudding as a filling instead of Anko. People say this is very good for kids who don’t like Anko very much.

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Butter Dorayaki: has a block of butter together with Anko. You may be surprised this combination but the richness from butter and sweetness from Anko go well together!


How to make Dorayaki at home

To make Dorayaki, you don’t need special tools and it is very easy to make!

You need:  *this makes 6 Dorayaki
– 100g of all-purpose flour
– 80g of sugar
– one teaspoon of baking powder
– 50cc of water
– two eggs
– 250g of Anko, red bean paste

1. First, mix all dry ingredients, flour, sugar and baking powder in a bowl.
2. In a different bowl, mix eggs and water.
3. Add (2) into (1) mixing well and keeping it from being lumpy and make batter. Rest the batter in a reregister in 15min.
4. Heat a non-sticky pan and pour 2 tablespoons of batter to make one pancake.
5. Flip it over once one side becomes golden brown and toasty.
6. Let the pancakes cool and sandwich Anko with two pancakes. And done!


Dorayaki is famous as a favorite sweet of Japanese very popular anime character, Doraemon! Hope you will like Dorayaki as much as Doraemon does!


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Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)

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