What is Dango? The 5 most popular types of Dango

What is Dango? The 5 most popular types of Dango

Have you ever tried Dango? Dango is one of the most popular Japanese sweets (Wagashi). If you are a fan of Mochi, you really should try Dango.(*^ワ^*)

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I am sure you have seen Dango if you have visited Japan as it is sold at anywhere, such as convenience stores and tourist areas. Here, I will explain you interesting facts about Dango!


What is Dango?

Generally, Dango is the term for the Japanese traditional sweet that is made of several small Mochi balls on skewers. Mochi balls may be topped with sauces or grilled before eating and it said that there are more than 20 different variations of Dango.

Let me introduce you the 5 most popular types of Dango!


Mitarashi Dango

Mitarashi Dango is the most popular type of Dango, it is also my favorite Dango!

Mitarashi Dango is grilled and topped with a thick, sweet soy sauce that tastes similar to Teriyaki sauce. The savory Dango combined with the salty sweet sauce is very delicious!

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Hanami Dango

When the Sakura (cherry blossom) season comes, these cute Hanami Dango is lined up at Japanese confection shops. Many people enjoy Hanami Dango while viewing the cherry blossom. The pink, white, and green colors of the skewered Mochi balls are their distinctive trait.

Some say that the three colors of Hanami Dango represent spring: pink being cherry blossoms, white being spring sake, and green being Japanese Mugwort. The Mochi balls are mixed with sugar and slightly sweet.
Please try it if you come visit Japan in the season of Sakura!


Kinako Dango

Kinako Dango has Kinako powder, which is a grilled soy bean powder, as a topping. Freshly grilled aroma from soy bean is an excellent match with Mochi’s soft and gooey texture.

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Matcha Dango

Matcha Dango has Matcha powder mixed in Mochi balls. The vivid green color and fresh aroma from Matcha gives Mochi a good accent. It is extra delicious if it has some red bean paste (Anko) on top of Dango as a topping!
Of course, you want to try this Dango with a cup of Matcha, right?

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Soy Sauce Dango

Soy sauce Dango is grilled Dango topped with soy sauce. The savory scent of the grilled soy sauce is irresistible.
One creative and delicious way to enjoy Soy Sauce Dango is if you wrap them in seaweed or coat them with chili flakes. We recommend to try Dango when it fresh! You can find freshly made Dango at shopping districts and in sightseeing areas.

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These days there are so many creative types and tastes of Dango that you can enjoy!
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Please try many types of Dango and find your favorite one(s)!╭(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و
Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)

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