What is Daifuku? Perfect combination of Mochi and red bean jam (Anko)

What is Daifuku? Perfect combination of Mochi and red bean jam (Anko)

Daifuku is one of the most popular Japanese traditional sweets. It is my absolute favorite too!

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What is Daifuku?

The Japanese sweets called ‘Daifuku’ are small balls of Mochi filled with sweet bean paste. The combination of fluffy, gooey Mochi and sweet red bean jam (Anko) is just too perfect.

The bean filling is either red or white and can be rough with whole beans in it or a smooth paste. Each Daifuku maker has done years of R&D to create the perfect combination of sweetness, taste and texture, so Daifuku lovers should try as many versions as they can!

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Daifuku is a very simple sweets, and there are many types of Daifuku made with multiple ingredients. Let me introduce you 4 popular Daifuku!ヽ(・∀・)ノ


Mame (bean) Daifuku

Mame Daifuku is the most popular traditional Daifuku among Japanese people. Mame (bean) Daifuku is a type that has boiled peas mixed in with the Mochi. The crunchy beans make a perfect accent to the chewy Mochi texture.

The filling typically consists of red bean jam, either “chunky” style sweet bean jam called Tsubu-An, or a smooth jam made only from the inside parts of the bean, called Koshi-An.

There are many makers specialized in Mame Daifuku in Japan. Depending on a maker, the thickness of Mochi, the sweetness of Anko and the amount of beans are different.



Ichigo Daifuku (aka Strawberry Mochi)

Ichigo (strawberry) Daifuku has an entire strawberry inside. The sourness and fresh flavor from strawberry, the sweetness from sweet bean paste and the chewy Mochi make for the perfect flavor combination!

Typical Ichigo Daifuku has red bean jam inside but there are ones that have white bean jam instead. You can find many Ichigo Daifuku sold during strawberry season, which is winter ~ spring in Japan.


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Yomogi (mugwort) Daifuku

Yomogi (Japanese mugwort) Daifuku has mugwort leaves mixed into the Mochi, giving it a green color. People also call it ‘Kusa Mochi’ (grass Mochi). Its refreshing herb-like taste gives a good accent to Mochi.


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Cream Daifuku

Cream Daifuku is a more modern twist on an old classic. Instead of just bean paste, they fill it with cream (and sometimes bean paste as well).

There are many more types of Cream Daifuku, like one has coffee-flavor in Mochi, or fruity one that has fruits such as grape and orange inside together with cream.




Daifuku is a very simple sweet as it consists of Mochi and red bean jam, yet there are many types of Daifuku.

Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)

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