Japanese Matcha and Wagashi are very healthy

Japanese Matcha and Wagashi are very healthy

Compared to western style sweets Wagashi are low in fat, because they are mostly made of plant ingredients, making them a great option for vegetarians or those on a low calorie free diet. On the other hand this is achieve at an expense of sweetness. Wagashi typically have noble-like subtle sweetness and relies on the natural flavors of its ingredients. Wagashi are made to match bitter taste of healthy Matcha, thus we recommend you trying both together.


Typical ingredients that are used in Wagashi making include Matcha (green tea powder), glutinous rice flour (mocha), red bean paste (anko), white bean paste (shiroan), sweet potatoes ( and others. Some of these ingredients have nice health benefits and contain superfoods. For example, Matcha is a very well-known superfood containing many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals; red and white bean paste are rich in protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin B and many other minerals; sweet potatoes are very low in fat, a good source of fiber, and vitamin C.

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In addition to above, Wagashi are healthy desserts because they contain less preservatives (less processed ingredients). This makes them last relatively short period of time. Many Japanese sweets last from 1 day to few weeks. However, there are some that are made to last several months.

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