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The easiest and delicious CHOCOLATE MOCHI recipe in 5min using microwave!

The easiest and delicious CHOCOLATE MOCHI recipe in 5min using microwave!

You like Mochi and chocolate, yet haven’t made chocolate Mochi by yourself? Let me show you the easiest chocolate Mochi recipe that you can make in 5min with only microwave!Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ

The Mochi is soft and chewy, with rich melted chocolate filling inside…. It is absolutely delicious and you will be surprised how easy it is!

Preparation: 30min
Ready in: 5min

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This recipe makes 6 small chocolate Mochi.

– 2 blocks (approx. 50g) of dried Mochi, aka Kirimochi (see below about what Kirimochi is)
– 1 chocolate bar of your choice (I use 50g)
– 1 tbsp milk
– 1 tbsp sugar (I use cane sugar)
– good amount of starch powder. Potato starch is the best but corn starch works too.
– (optional) cacao powder

chocolate mochi ingredients



First, in a microwave-safe bowl, soak Mochi blocks in water for 30min. This helps Mochi to soften faster.
*I recommend you to cut the Mochi block in an inch cubes.

choco mochi preparation



1. Cut the chocolate bar into half. One is for the filling and the other is for Mochi. Chocolate for the filling, divide in 6 smaller pieces. Anothe half chocolate for the Mochi, chop finely as in the picture.

chocolate mochi direction1: cut chocolate


2. Drain the water and add the chocolate for Mochi (chopped), sugar and milk.

chocolate mochi direction2


3. Lightly cover the bowl with a plastic wrap, and put it in a microwave for 1min in 500W, then mix well smashing and mixing Mochi with other ingredients. At this step all ingredients are not well combined yet.

chocolate mochi direction3


4. Put it back to a microwave for another 30sec in 500W, then mix well again until all ingredients combined In one texture. Repeat it if the Mochi is still hard.

chocolate mochi direction4


5. Place the chocolate Mochi dough on some starch powder and cover the Mochi surface with starch powder. Then divide the Mochi into 6 equal pieces.
*starch powder is not for the taste. It keeps Mochi from sticking to your hand and tray.

chocolate mochi direction5


6. Take each Mochi piece, spread it, put the chocolate for filling in the center, then wrap it. When wrapping try to make it round while the Mochi is still warm.

chocolate mochi direction6


7. (optional) Sprinkle some cacao powder on the Mochi and done!

chocolate mochi


Enjoy chocolate Mochi!

Because you wrap the chocolate filling while the Mochi is still warm, the chocolate inside will be melted. The Mochi will be more squishy and harder eventually so if you like soft Mochi, I recommend you to put it in a microwave for 5-10sec before eating.

Of course it is good if you use Anko (red bean paste) filling instead of chocolate filling. This makes Daifuku (aka Anko Mochi)!

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What is Kirimochi?

I used Kirimochi in this recipe instead of making Mochi from Mochi flour (aka Mochiko) to make it easier. Kirimochi is a ready-to-be-cooked Mochi block that you can eat just by grilling or warming. I am sure you can buy Kirimochi at your local Asian grocery stores. Also you can purchase it from Amazon. (an affiliate link below)


Please let me know if you want to know other easy recipes!

Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)

What is Taiyaki? The most popular Japanese traditional sweets

What is Taiyaki? The most popular Japanese traditional sweets

Taiyaki, is named as the No.1 popular Japanese traditional sweets among many other types and tastes of other traditional sweets in Japan. What an honor to you, Taiyaki! (* ̄∇ ̄)/゚・:*

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Let’s learn more about Taiyaki together!


What is Taiyaki?

Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped pancake that has Anko (red bean paste) filling inside. Its fish-shape expresses sea bream, and in Japanese called “Tai” (鯛). The outer layer pancakes are usually thin and crispy, and they nicely match with the Anko filling inside.

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The history of Taiyaki

It all started in 1909 when a Japanese confectionery store was having trouble selling their “Imagawayaki” cakes, a traditional Japanese confection filled with sweet red bean paste, and so they started experimenting with the shape. The shape of a turtle also did not sell, but when they tried the shape a “Tai” fish (sea bream), the confections started flying off the shelves.

As to why they chose the shape of the Tai fish, it is said that because the Tai fish is considered to be a lucky charm, and that because the fish itself was a luxury food that common people could not afford. They wanted to use the Tai fish as their confection model.


Where to buy Taiyaki?

You can buy Taiyaki at food vendor stalls set up at tourist sites or at many Japanese confectionery stores in Japan. I recommend to try Taiyaki at a food stall on the street, so you can enjoy the flavor of freshly baked Taiyaki while it is still piping hot!


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How to make Taiyaki at home?

An easy way to make Taiyaki at home is using pancake mix. To make the Taiyaki shape, you need a Taiyaki maker which is sold on Amazon. (affiliate link below)



You need:  *this makes 12 small Taiyaki
– 200g of pancake mix
– 180cc of milk
– One whole egg
– 2 tablespoons of honey
– 300g of Anko (red bean paste)

First, mix all ingredients except Anko in a bowl and make a batter (thin dough). Next, put generous amount of batter into a hot Taiyaki maker. Next, put some Anko on the batter. If you love Anko, go ahead and put some extra! Once the pancakes become golden brown and crispy, Taiyaki is done! The freshly made Taiyaki is the best.


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Unusual fillings of Taiyaki

The most common and traditional filling is “Tsubu-an,” whole red beans boiled with sugar, but there are fillings other than sweet red bean paste such as cream or chocolate that are popular with children and people who do not care for sweet red bean paste. There are also unsweetened, meal like fillings such as ham and cheese or even “Okonomiyaki,” a Japanese pan-fried dish with batter, cabbage, and egg.



It is still being debated amongst Taiyaki fans whether it is best to start eating the Taiyaki from the head or from the tail. Generally speaking, if you start from the head, you will enjoy more red bean paste in the beginning, whereas starting from the tail results in a crispier culinary experience.

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How to make Mochi at home : 3 easy ways

How to make Mochi at home : 3 easy ways

Do you like Mochi? It is a fluffy, gooey and stretchy Japanese dish. Did you know that you can enjoy it at home every day with a little effort? (*´μ`*) So how to make Mochi?

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I will introduce you the 3 easy ways to make simple and plain Mochi at home. Please try these recipes to enjoy Mochi dishes or sweets that you like!


1: Make Mochi with a rice cooker

First, you need Mochi rice (aka sweet rice / glutinous rice) to make Mochi. You can buy Mochi rice at your local Asian grocery stores or online such as Amazon. (an affiliate link below)



Place Mochi rice in a rice cooker and cook like normal rice. Apportion the same amount of rice and water as normal.

Then, place the cooked Mochi rice in a bowl and crush the rice grains with a sturdy rod (similar to a pestle rod). At the same time, keep pounding it while mixing it until it becomes sticky. Once it becomes stretchy and elasticated, the Mochi is done!



2: Make Mochi with a Mochi cooker

Yes, Japanese companies invented a Mochi cooker! Mochi cooker does all the process you need to make Mochi. Quite surprising, right?

What you need to do is only to place Mochi rice and water into a machine and wait. This is a perfect tool for a Mochi lover who wants to eat Mochi every day at home. You can buy this cooker in Japan or Amazon. (an affiliate link below)



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3: Make Mochi from Mochiko

If you try to make Mochi for the first time, this way may be the best for you because it requires the least effort. What you need is Mochiko (aka Mochi flour / sweet rice flour).

You need: 50g of Mochiko and 60cc(2 ounce) of water

1) Place Mochiko into a microwave-safe bowl and add water several times while mixing. Keep mixing until all lumps are gone.
2) Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and put it into a microwave for 4-5 min in 500W. If you make smaller portion, microwave it for less time.
3) Mix it until it gets evenly and put it back to a microwave for another 1 min in 500W.
4) Mix it well. Once it becomes stretchy and gooey, the Mochi is done!

You can make Mochi with Mochiko in a microwave! Quite easy, right?


Tips for making Mochi

If you like not-too-soft Mochi, use less water. If you like soft Mochi like me, use more water. Please find your favorite ratio!

Note that Mochi is very sticky, when dividing into smaller pieces be sure to keep some potato starch or corn starch handy in a plate and use this to coat your hands before handling.


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How to preserve Mochi?

Plain Mochi without added sugar or other preservatives will become moldy and harden quickly. We recommend freezing it while it is still soft. Wrap the Mochi in small pieces and place in the refrigerator. Consume within six months.

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To defrost Mochi, leave it in a room temperature for about 1-2 hours until it gets soft again.


How to eat Mochi?

You can eat Mochi as a meal and dessert! If you want to eat Mochi as a meal, the best and simple way is to put some soy sauce on Mochi.

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If you cover a chocolate or an ice cream with Mochi that you cooked, it will be a perfect Mochi dessert!



Are you interested in cooking Mochi by yourself? Mochi is very delicious and easy to Make! Please let me know which Mochi recipe and ratio fits you better! ヽ(。ゝω・)ノ

Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)