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I’ve waited for 1 month to buy this legendary Matcha Mochi sweets! Ginza Kazuya

I’ve waited for 1 month to buy this legendary Matcha Mochi sweets! Ginza Kazuya

In Ginza, Tokyo Japan, there is a very popular and famous Matcha sweets that are very difficult to get. It is “Kazuya-no-Ren” from Ginza Kazuya in Tokyo.٩(๑•̀ω•́๑)۶

Let me share more about that sweet with you!


You need to make reservation at least one month before.

First, you need a reservation to buy this delicious dessert. You can reserve by calling shop or visiting it, however, since the shop is super busy they rarely can pick up calls. I called them several times, but they didn’t pick up, so I ended up visiting the shop to make a reservation. [Please see below for the detailed shop information]


ginza kazuya shop


At the shop they tell you dates and time slots where you can pick up your order, but those dates are usually one month ahead!! If you are really lucky you can pick up an earlier date when somebody cancelled and they have an opening. You need to tell them how many boxes you want, your name and your phone number.


kazuya menu


Their popular sweets are called “Kazuya-no-Ren” but besides that they also sell other sweets such as Yokan, candy and Matcha tea powder that you don’t need reservation for. But I highly recommend you try “Kazuya-no-Ren”.


Let’s go pick it up!

After one month, I visited the shop again to pick up my order. “Kazuya-no-Ren” comes with 6 pieces for 2,150 yen with some ice packs because needs to be kept refrigerated.


kazuya box


“Kazuya-no-Ren” is made from some simple ingredients without any preservatives, so they last only one day. I referred it as “Matcha Mochi” but technically it is not Mochi because it is not made from Mochi rice.


kazuya box inside


It is a high-quality Matcha sweets that cannot be categorized under usual Wagashi groups.

Because each piece of “Kazuya-no-Ren” is wrapped with a bamboo leaf, first I was surprised at how much fresh aroma they have.


kazuya no ren wrapped


Once you open the bamboo leaf wrapping, you will see the vivid green Matcha color. By this color, you can tell how rich taste and flavor of Matcha it has.


kazuya no ren


I was expecting it would taste like mousse by its looking, but it is way more complicated! It is chewy like Mochi, soft like pudding and smooth like mousse. Of course it has strong taste and flavor of Matcha, but I could feel rich milk taste as well, just like I am drinking a really good Matcha latte.


delicious kazuya no ren matcha mochi

delicious kazuya no ren matcha mochi 2


It was something I never tasted before and cannot be categorized in anything. It is absolutely worth the wait. Super delicious, thumbs up for it!!


[Shop info] Ginza Kazuya (銀座かずや)

Access: 3 min walk from Hibiya station. The shop is located inside a building, and it is really small.
1. Take the A4 exit of Hibiya station and turn right under railway viaduct.
2. Go into a building on your right side that has a small sign saying “菓子”.


ginza kazuya access


Hours: 11:30am – 3:00pm (close once sold out), closed on Sunday and public holidays.

1. Cash only
2. No English menu

Website: ginzakazuya.com(Japanese only)

Address: 1-6-8 Matsui Building 1F, Yurakucho, Chiyoda, Tokyo


You have to wait for more than one month, so it is difficult to try when traveling but if you get a chance, please give it a try! And let me know how you like it.

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Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)

Very popular Mochi café “Gekko” in Tokyo! Try silky chewy freshly-made Mochi

Very popular Mochi café “Gekko” in Tokyo! Try silky chewy freshly-made Mochi

I want to introduce you to this popular Mochi café, “Gekko”, that is specialized in Mochi and Japanese teas. Please add this café on your list of must-visit-cafes in Tokyo!(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Here is everything about the café, access, menu and how I like it!


Cozy small café with a good access from Tokyo station

The café, “Gekko” (月光), is located near Uguizudani station, which is only 5 stations away from Tokyo station and takes 10 min ride. From Uguisudani station, you need to walk 4-5 minutes after taking the South exit. (see below for maps and address)

It is a very small café that has cozy and warm atmosphere. The café only sits 12 people in total. Because I went there 20 min before they open on weekday, I could find a seat but people kept coming in and started making a line.


gekko outside inside


They hand-make Mochi every morning

What makes Gekko so special is that they hand-make Mochi every morning. It is unusual because most Mochi makers make Mochi using machines these days. Making Mochi by hand required a lot of effort and time because you need to pound Mochi rice hundreds of times to make it Mochi. By making Mochi with your bare hands, Mochi becomes very silky and smooth. You can tell the difference for sure!

They use special Mochi rice from popular rice farm in Aomori prefecture. With this rice, you can taste rich and sweet flavor from their Mochi.


Try “Donburi-Mochi” and “Gekko Zenzai”

In this café, I recommend you to try their signature Mochi dish, “Donburi-Mochi” (950 yen). It is a warm bowl dish that has 5 small round Mochi coming with soy sauce, spices and a cup of roasted green tea.


mochi cafe gekko donburi mochi


The soy sauce is made with fish and sea kelp broth, and tastes a little sweet. You can add spices of your choice from wasabi, crispy seaweed and radish.

Once I held the Mochi with chopsticks to eat, I was surprised how soft it was! Also, their Mochi is amazingly silky and smooth, and of course, very delicious! The Mochi was very nice and chewy , but I felt as it was melting in my mouth. I ate it with some spices on it. Spices are also fresh and add nice kicks to soft Mochi.


mochi cafe gekko delicious mochi


My biggest regret was that I got my stomach full with “Donburi-Mochi”and could not challenge another dish. But everyone was ordering “Gekko Zenzai” (950 yen) which is a dessert bowl that comes with small Mochi pieces, Matcha ice cream and red bean paste in cold Matcha tea. I wish I had invited my friends so we could share all of these delicious menus!



[Cafe Info] Gekko (月光)

Access: 5 min walk from Uguisudani station of JR Yamanote line.
1. Take the South exit of Uguisudani station.
2. Make left and cross the bridge.
3. At the first signal, cross the road and make left.
4. Make right at the corner of Chinese restaurant and Japanese sea food restaurant.


gekko access from uguisudani station


Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-7:30pm (last order at 7pm), Sat-Sun 12pm-7pm (last order at 6:30pm), closed on Wednesday

1. May close early when Mochi is sold out for the day
2. Cash only
3. Has an English menu

Website: minowa-gekko.com

Address: 3-7-18 Negishi, Taito, Tokyo


If you visit there, please let me know how you like Gekko! Hope you enjoy staying Tokyo.

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Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)

I tried the most-difficult-to-get Monaka in Tokyo! Ginza Kuya

I tried the most-difficult-to-get Monaka in Tokyo! Ginza Kuya

In Japan, some Wagashi, Japanese traditional sweets, are very popular and difficult to get. This time, I tried the most difficult to get Monaka, Japanese traditional wafers! Let me introduce how you can get it in Tokyo. (゜¬゜)

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Monaka from Ginza Kuya

The Monaka I tried is from Ginza Kuya, which was established in 1887 and is one of the oldest Japanese confectionery shop in Tokyo. The shop is located near Ginza station, Tokyo.

Ginza Kuya
Address: 6-7-19 Ginza, Chuo 104-0061, Tokyo (10AM-5PM, closed on Sunday)
Phone: +81 3-3571-3304
Access: 3min from Ginza sta.


You need reservation at least one week in advance

Why their Monaka is difficult to get? They don’t sell online but sell only at their store and because there are too many people want to buy, you need reservation beforehand.

To make a reservation, you can call them but they rarely pick a phone (I tired so many times but they were always busy…) so I recommend you to visit their store to place reservation.

In the shop, you need to tell them how many boxes you want to buy and the reservation date (it will take 4-6 days to prepare your order), your name and phone number. 1 box comes with 10 pieces for 1,100 jpy (nearly 10 USD), which is not expensive considering their popularity. They don’t accept credit cards, cash only.


ginza kuya shop


OK, it is damn good Monaka…

When you pick up your Monaka, you will notice the freshly toasted aroma coming from the box. The Monakas are so fresh, made in the morning.


ginza kuya monaka box


The wafers of Kuya’s Monaka are fluffier than typical ones. The Anko filling inside is sweet but not too sweet and has a strong taste of azuki beans. YES, it is very delicious and worth the wait.


ginza kuya delicious monaka


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Each piece is small so I could eat 3-4 pieces at once. Of course, Japanese tea Matcha goes well with it.


If you are a fan of Monaka and have a chance to visit Tokyo, Japan, please try Kuya’s Monaka!
Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)