What is Mochi? A beginner’s guide to Mochi

What is Mochi? A beginner’s guide to Mochi

Mochi has been very popular all over the world. And I am sure you see many sweets or dishes that use Mochi nowadays. However, what is actually Mochi? How it’s made? How you can eat…? Let’s learn together a few basic facts about Mochi! φ(・ω・ )


What is Mochi?

Mochi is a Japanese dish with a unique soft, squishy and chewy texture, which is made from a kind of glutinous rice.

Traditionally, mochi was served as a special dish at various celebrations (This is still a traditional that remains today). However, in recent years people in Japan have become able to enjoy Mochi as a familiar everyday commodity.


How is Mochi made?

There are 2 different ways to make mochi. The first is made by steaming glutinous rice, and then pounding it into a shape. Another is made by drying glutinous rice into a mochi powder (this powder called Mochiko/sweet rice flour), and then adding water to eventually steam it, which turns it into a Mochi.

However, the former is said to capture a more delectable scent of rice.

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What does Mochi taste like?

Mochi is made from water and glutinous rice, so it captures the pure and simple taste of rice. To add flavor, mochi is often topped with various sauces, and matched with other foods.


How to eat Mochi?

Japanese people typically use Kiri-Mochi for Mochi dishes. Kiri-Mochi is dried Mochi that is cut in pieces. To eat this type of Mochi, you need to warm it up first until it expands and softens by grilling or steaming it. Then you can add a sauce of your choice on it (such as soy sauce, anko sauce, black & sweet black sesame sauce and many others).

Mochi is very versatile food! It is frequently used as a base ingredient in many traditional Japanese dishes and sweets.


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What are the popular Mochi sweets?

There are many different Japanese sweets that use Mochi as base ingredient. Dango is a dish comprised of small round pieces of Mochi served on a skewer and topped with sauce. In addition, there is a widely popular sweet called daifuku, which consists of round ball of Mochi with a type of red bean paste called anko stuffed into its core.

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Recently, ice cream that is covered with Mochi pieces, called Mochi Ice Cream, has been very popular.


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Is Mochi healthy?

Since Mochi itself is made of rice and water, it is a vegan food. It enables you to consume high-quality carbs easily. Some data shows that that eating Mochi for breakfast is healthy.

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Where to buy Mochi?

I think you can buy Kiri-Mochi that is dried and can be used for many dishes at Japanese/Asian grocery stores in your country.


Hope you like Mochi even more now! (*´∀`*)
I will post more interesting information and recipes that use Mochi in the future. Let me know if you want more about Mochi or Japanese culture!

Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)

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  1. i just found your website an am going to try to make my own mochi.
    On weekend , there is korean supermarket nearby, they sell daifu which i think is a form of mochi. I eat it as a snack instead of junk food.
    I like the idea of eating mochi for breakfast. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sue! Thanks for your comment.
      I am glad that you like Mochi! Hand made Mochi is always the best. There are many ways to eat Mochi so please try and find your favorite way. 😉

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