How to make Mochi at home : 3 easy ways

How to make Mochi at home : 3 easy ways

Do you like Mochi? It is a fluffy, gooey and stretchy Japanese dish. Did you know that you can enjoy it at home every day with a little effort? (*´μ`*) So how to make Mochi?

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I will introduce you the 3 easy ways to make simple and plain Mochi at home. Please try these recipes to enjoy Mochi dishes or sweets that you like!


1: Make Mochi with a rice cooker

First, you need Mochi rice (aka sweet rice / glutinous rice) to make Mochi. You can buy Mochi rice at your local Asian grocery stores or online such as Amazon. (an affiliate link below)



Place Mochi rice in a rice cooker and cook like normal rice. Apportion the same amount of rice and water as normal.

Then, place the cooked Mochi rice in a bowl and crush the rice grains with a sturdy rod (similar to a pestle rod). At the same time, keep pounding it while mixing it until it becomes sticky. Once it becomes stretchy and elasticated, the Mochi is done!



2: Make Mochi with a Mochi cooker

Yes, Japanese companies invented a Mochi cooker! Mochi cooker does all the process you need to make Mochi. Quite surprising, right?

What you need to do is only to place Mochi rice and water into a machine and wait. This is a perfect tool for a Mochi lover who wants to eat Mochi every day at home. You can buy this cooker in Japan or Amazon. (an affiliate link below)



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3: Make Mochi from Mochiko

If you try to make Mochi for the first time, this way may be the best for you because it requires the least effort. What you need is Mochiko (aka Mochi flour / sweet rice flour).

You need: 50g of Mochiko and 60cc(2 ounce) of water

1) Place Mochiko into a microwave-safe bowl and add water several times while mixing. Keep mixing until all lumps are gone.
2) Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and put it into a microwave for 4-5 min in 500W. If you make smaller portion, microwave it for less time.
3) Mix it until it gets evenly and put it back to a microwave for another 1 min in 500W.
4) Mix it well. Once it becomes stretchy and gooey, the Mochi is done!

You can make Mochi with Mochiko in a microwave! Quite easy, right?


Tips for making Mochi

If you like not-too-soft Mochi, use less water. If you like soft Mochi like me, use more water. Please find your favorite ratio!

Note that Mochi is very sticky, when dividing into smaller pieces be sure to keep some potato starch or corn starch handy in a plate and use this to coat your hands before handling.


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How to preserve Mochi?

Plain Mochi without added sugar or other preservatives will become moldy and harden quickly. We recommend freezing it while it is still soft. Wrap the Mochi in small pieces and place in the refrigerator. Consume within six months.

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To defrost Mochi, leave it in a room temperature for about 1-2 hours until it gets soft again.


How to eat Mochi?

You can eat Mochi as a meal and dessert! If you want to eat Mochi as a meal, the best and simple way is to put some soy sauce on Mochi.

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If you cover a chocolate or an ice cream with Mochi that you cooked, it will be a perfect Mochi dessert!



Are you interested in cooking Mochi by yourself? Mochi is very delicious and easy to Make! Please let me know which Mochi recipe and ratio fits you better! ヽ(。ゝω・)ノ

Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)

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