Eat MOCHI for breakfast and be healthy! How to eat MOCHI as a meal

Eat MOCHI for breakfast and be healthy! How to eat MOCHI as a meal

MOCHI (餅), Japanese rice cake, is getting more and more popular in the world. In Japan, Mochi can be used in traditional sweets (Wagashi, 和菓子), as well as in delicious savory meal with soy sauce. According to one recent survey conducted in Japan, having MOCHI for breakfast may be good for your health. I wonder, how come?!

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Mochi is perfect for your breakfast

In Japan, about 60% of females in their 20s and 30s have neither experienced low-carb nor non-carb diet. In addition, majority mentioned “increased impatience”, “lower concentration ability” and “increased skin breakouts” as side effects from the diet.

At the same time, if you ask nutritionists, they would say that “well balanced” diet is important, meaning; carbs, fats and proteins.

And here comes MOCHI, your diet hero! MOCHI is made of special rice called “Mochi-Gome” (short-grain japonica glutinous rice) and water, with no artificial ingredients. With MOCHI, you can take healthy and high quality carbs. In addition, MOCHI is sticky and stretchy so you have to chew it for some time to consume, which makes you to exercise muscles around your chin. In addition, MOCHI is very easy to cook and very filling. It is a perfect food for your breakfast in the busy days!

In fact, nearly half of Japanese females who eat MOCHI on a daily basis think that it helps them to maintain their health and beauty. Why don’t you try MOCHI as well?


Where to buy Mochi for breakfast?

You can find MOCHI at a Japanese grocery stores in your country. MOCHI that you can quickly cook for breakfast is called “Kiri-Mochi”, dried, very hard and packed individually in most of cases. How you can eat it?



How to eat Mochi as a meal?

To eat MOCHI, first warm it up. You can grill it in a toaster or fry it on a non-stick frying pan without oil. Once it gets swollen/inflates, ready to eat! If you like very soft Mochi, you can put it in a bowl, add a little of water and microwave it on 600W for 50-60 seconds.

After MOCHI is warm add a sauce of your choice, for example soy sauce. That is all! It is very simple but very delicious. You can add some red pepper flakes if you like it spicy. Oh yea… my mouth is drooling (*´﹃`*)



In addition, you can put MOCHI in a soup or stir fry it with veggies. However, if you are making a soup, do not simmer Mochi too long otherwise it will all melt. If you want to know more recipes of Mochi, please let us know in a comment!


Matane! (In Japanese, means “see you soon!”)

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