Matcha vs green tea. Matcha is not just a powdered green tea!

Matcha vs green tea. Matcha is not just a powdered green tea!

Matcha sometimes is recognized as “green tea powder” but it is actually more than that! Let’s explore the world of green tea and Matcha together! ( ̄∇+ ̄)v


What’s green tea?

Green tea (Ryokucha) refers to group of teas made with unfermented fresh tea leaves, such as Sencha, Gyokuro, Tencha and Houjicha.

Among those many kinds of green teas, Matcha is made from Tencha (碾茶).

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What is Tencha?

Tencha is a special tea that, unlike other green teas, is made with leaves that are grown on tea plantation with special cover, to make sure tea leaves are not exposed to strong sunlight, before being steamed and dried.

Protection from strong sunlight, helps to develop deeper and richer umami (savory) flavor. Tencha also has the stalks and veins of the leaf removed.


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Matcha is powdered Tencha

Matcha is Tencha grounded into a powder with a stone mill. It priced higher compared to other green teas is because of higher labor and process effort involved.

You can use Matcha powder for drinks, cooking and sweets making. It gives vivid green color and rich tea flavor to them. Matcha is frequently used ingredient in Japanese sweets.


What is Sencha?

Unlike Tencha, tea leaves grown without being kept out of direct sunlight are known as Sencha. Sencha is made with tea leaves grown in plenty of sunlight. After tea leaves are collected they are steamed, kneaded and dried.

When tea leaves are grown in sunlight, the umami ingredients (teanins) are transformed into astringent catechins. For this reason, Sencha has fewer umami ingredients compared to Tencha.

Usually Japanese people enjoy Sencha as an everyday tea without adding any milk and sugar.


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“Powdered green tea” is powdered Sencha

Powdered Sencha is usually called “powdered green tea” or “green tea powder” in Japan. You can often enjoy it at conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Japan, as you usually make tea for yourself. Have you tried it?


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Difference between Matcha and powdered green tea

To sum up, green tea that is made under sunlight is Sencha. And powdered Sencha is “powdered green tea” or “green tea powder”.

On the other hand, green tea that is made with very limited exposure to sunlight is Tencha. And Matcha is powdered Tencha.


Hope you understand more about Matcha and green tea now! (´罒`)✧
Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)

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