Matcha utensils! What tools do you need to make Matcha tea?

Matcha utensils! What tools do you need to make Matcha tea?

In Japanese tea ceremony, you usually need specific utensils to make Matcha tea. Here, I will introduce you 4 Matcha utensils I recommend you have though some utensils can be substituted with kitchen tools you already have!

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Matcha bowl, Matcha Chawan (抹茶茶碗)

Matcha Chawan is a tea bowl for making Matcha. They are usually made from porcelain or ceramic, and have a wide mouth which makes it easy to make Matcha. There are many types of materials and patterns. Sometimes the patterns express seasonal designs or a lucky charm.

Chawan usually has a front, and it is the most beautiful part of the Chawan. In a ceremony, host faces the front of the Chawan towards guests when he/she offer matcha tea, and to show respect during the ceremony guests will slightly rotate the Chawan as to not drink directly from the front.

Matcha Chawan is most commonly available at stores that specialize in utensils for Japanese cooking. There are cheap Chawan available, but antique Chawan or Chawan that were used by popular designers can fetch a high price. Try searching for one that best fits your taste.




You can substitute Matcha Chawan with a cereal bowl or a soup bowl.


Matcha whisk, Chasen(茶筅)

Chasen, or Matcha whisk, is a tool used to mix Matcha powder with hot water when making tea. Normally Chasen has 100 thin bamboo prongs. Chasen is used to mix Matcha and hot water. Thanks to thin prongs you can make your Matcha drink very attractive looking and frothy.



When finished with using the Chasen, dip it in warm water and gently swirl it to get the Matcha powder to come off. Do not use any type of soap or dish detergent on your Chasen. After washing, hang it out away from direct sunlight in a place with good ventilation to prevent mold from growing on it. You may wish to use a Chasen holder to help preserve its shape.



You can substitute Chasen with a handy milk frothier.


(optional) Matcha spoon, Chashaku(茶杓)

Chashaku is a thin Matcha spoon made by bamboo. It is typically hand-made by professionals and very delicate. Chashaku is used to scoop out Matcha tea powder.



If you don’t have Chashaku, you can use a regular spoon instead.


(optional) Matcha tea powder container, Natsume(棗)

Natsume is a jar that contains Matcha tea powder in Japanese tea ceremony.

There are many types of Natsume. Typically, it is lacquered and has beautiful painting or pattern on it to entertain guests during the ceremony.



It is not designed to preserve Matcha tea powder for long time, but it is used during tea ceremony. To preserve Matcha tea powder, please make sure to put Matcha tea powder in an air-tight container and save it at cool and dry place.

How to make Matcha tea

You will need Matcha powder, hot water, a bowl and a whisk.
1. First, put 2g (about 2 scoops of Chashaku, Matcha spoon) of Matcha powder into a Chawan, Matcha bowl.
2. Then, pour 60ml of hot (80℃/175℉ is the best) water into Chawan.
3. Whisk quickly for about 15 seconds with Chasen, a bamboo whisk, making “m” shape, until your drink gets frothy.

It is easy and simple. Of course, you can change the ratio to enjoy Matcha tea!


Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)

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