Can Matcha contribute to weight loss? Matcha is really a superfood!

Can Matcha contribute to weight loss? Matcha is really a superfood!

Did you know Matcha has so many health benefits? Matcha contains many of nutrition that support your healthy lifestyle, such as catechin, theanine, tannin, vitamin, saponin and many others. (●´∀`)ノ

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Matcha can be the best drink in your weight loss journey! Why? Lets go through main reasons why, and explore healthy ways to consume Matcha.


Matcha is good for weight loss

Matcha leaves, in powdered form, are readily drinkable after dissolving into hot water, because of this, you can take in every bit of their components. Matcha leaves include an abundance of healthy substances and components that are good for losing weight.

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Matcha helps you control absorb fat and carb/sugar

Matcha is rich in catechin, which suppresses the absorption of lipids and carbohydrates ingested during meals. When eating fatty foods or sweet things, we should drink Matcha at the same time to reduce absorption of fat.

In particular, Matcha is a good combination with sweets, as you know. So if you crave for some sweets when losing weight, Matcha can be the best drink for you!


Matcha helps you burn fat

The tannin contained in Matcha increases the ability to burn fat. It also reduces cholesterol in the blood and boosts the ability to burn visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.

In addition, Matcha contains caffeine, which promotes fat burning effect. By drinking Matcha before doing aerobic exercise, visceral fat is preferentially used as energy, so fat becomes easier to burn than usual.


Matcha helps regulate bowel movements

Because Matcha is tea leaves turned into powder, it has the characteristic of being rich in fiber. Dietary fiber relieves constipation and regulates the intestines.

It doesn’t only stimulate your bowels, it also has the effect of absorbing any excessive nutrients or toxins, and works to discharge them outside of the body.


How to consume Matcha in a healthy way

Traditional way to enjoy Matcha is very healthy and tasty as it, however why don’t we explore other healthy ways to enjoy it? Let me introduce you 2 additional ways to consume Matcha. And of course, they are delicious and very healthy!


Add Matcha to your healthy smoothie

Add one teaspoon of Matcha powder to your smoothie is an easy way to intake nutrition from Matcha in addition to fruits and veggies. I will introduce you one Matcha smoothie that you can make easily!

Banana Soy Milk Matcha Smootie
– One teaspoon of Matcha powder
– One frozen banana
– ¼ cup of soymilk or milk of your choice
– Good amount of cold water or ice cubes

What you need to do is just to blend everything in a mixer. It is easy, healthy and delicious!


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Add ginger to a cup of Matcha

Ginger is known as a super food that can help you burn fat and have other many health benefits. How about we try to combine it with Matcha?

Ginger Matcha tea
– One teaspoon of Matcha powder
– ½ cup of hot water
– One teaspoon of ginger juice
– Good amount of honey

Honey makes this drink taste smooth. If you really like ginger, go ahead and add some slices of ginger!


Matcha is healthy and good for your weight loss. But of course, being a tea, it also contains caffeine. For that reason, try to avoid excessive intake, and drink no more than two to three 200ml cups per day for an adult. φ( ̄ー ̄ )

Matane! (in Japanese, means “see you soon!”)

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